Small plunge pools are the ultimate option for a home that has space restrictions or other obstacles that would make a regular swimming pool unfeasible, for owners with small children who have some safety concerns about a deeper pool, or for owners that like the idea of a pool in their backyard but don’t like the maintenance and cleaning comes with it.

With an average depth of about 3 feet, plunge pools are smaller than normal pools and too shallow to swim in, but can be used for wading or laying out in the water on a hot day. Homeowners looking to swim laps or install a diving board will need to go deeper, but for those looking for cold dips, relaxation, and an aesthetic piece for their backyard, plunge pools are an intriguingly cost-effective option.


In addition to being more convenient, a plunge pool’s small size also allows for much more customization than with a traditional pool, giving you more control over the look of your backyard and the function of the pool. Backyard landscaping options multiply a hundredfold with a smaller, shallower pool that can be elevated off the ground, built in a variety of different shapes, and placed in an aesthetically pleasing and convenient section of the backyard. A fountain or small waterfall can even be installed in your plunge pool, giving a soothing of running water to the pool for a more relaxing feel.

Having less water in the pool also means that it is possible to turn the plunge pool into a kind of spa. Water jets can be installed to give you a massage as you relax in the pool, or the water can be heated to make the pool even more relaxing and viable during colder months of the year.

There are many benefits to a plunge pool. The fact that it is too shallow to swim in is actually a plus for many homeowners. If the ability to swim is not necessarily what you want out of your pool, than a plunge pool can save you money and add a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard.

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