Luxury or custom built pools are a special category of pools, ones that can enhance the look of a residential home or an estate. Pools have many different types of functions; a recreational hub for children or adults and can be decorative, ideal for a front or back garden. The fact of the matter is that pools give a special look to a home and provide hours of pleasure to people.

Custom pools are available in many sizes and shapes. Creativity certainly plays a part in custom pool design.

People who prefer a pool to be comparable to going to the beach may prefer a pool with a beach entry or a walk-in design. That can be ideal for young children or for senior citizens with arthritis. Furthermore, pools can be specially designed to be intentionally shallow for people who prefer a water level that is not over their head.

In addition, another feature that can be ideal after a hard day at work is a jet spa, making use of specially enhanced jets that pump out water in a unique way that is designed to take away aches and pains as well as daily stress.

Another benefit of having a custom pool is that it is built specifically for you, within your yard. A pool can fit the contour of a yard or around specific things on the grounds such as a patio or a gazebo. Custom pools may take various forms or may not have a specific design. It truly depends on what the owner wants.


Customers become quite creative when designing their ideal luxury pool. A cave or a grotto may be just the right addition, helping a good pool become an excellent pool. This type of pool is perfect for swim parties or for intimate moments as people explore a cave at night, with mood lighting featuring its various nuances. In addition, a waterfall may further enhance a pool. The waterfall might stream water from a few feet high, or it may be a large fall, over 10 feet high. Seating can be placed immediately under or next to the waterfall.

While waterfalls and caves are great, some families prefer a different experience and decide on a lazy river. A lazy river can be created to snake across the estate of a facility. Furthermore, there is the possibility of having the lazy river become strong rapids as people enjoy the water on inner tubes.

When considering luxury pools, give the team at We Fix Ugly Pools® a call. With many years of experience, they are the team to beat. A certified representative is available to visit your site and give a consultation on what can be done in terms of a pool design.

A quick phone call is all that is needed to begin this delightful endeavor today.

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