All pool systems use chlorine to keep the pool clean. However, there are two main types of systems that deliver the chlorine into the pool and we are experts in both. There are saltwater systems and traditional chlorine systems.

Traditional chlorine systems use chlorine liquid, granules, or tablets. The chemical is added right into the water, where it mixes with the water and is distributed throughout the pool. This type of system is easy to set up and anyone can maintain it at home. It does, however, require monitoring. Too little chlorine won’t do the pool any good, and too much chlorine leads to the build up of chloramines, which can irritate skin and burn eyes.

Saltwater pool systems are a newer technology that can make it easier to maintain your pool. Both systems actually use chlorine to clean the water, but the saltwater system produces the chlorine naturally through electrolysis. This is the breakdown of the salt by passing the saltwater over an electrical cell. There is no chance of harm because the cell is kept safely away from any swimmers. The saltwater system involves a higher up front cost when it is installed, but it is much cheaper to maintain, since there is no need to constantly add buckets of chlorine to the water. The systems monitor and clean themselves, saving a lot of time and energy in maintenance. The saltwater system is also much easier on skin and eyes than traditional chlorine systems. Our bodies naturally like salt and the very light salt solution won’t bother them at all. The saltwater system keeps the chemical levels constant so there is no chloramine buildup. Both pool systems tend to feel the same, and there is no salty taste to the water in a saltwater system pool.

Our company is expert in installing either system. We can build you a new pool to fit your needs and install a saltwater or traditional chlorine system, depending on your budget, how much maintenance you want, and what you feel would be best for your body in the pool. If you already have a pool with a traditional chlorine system and are interested in learning about saltwater systems, get in touch with us. We have years of experience in converting existing pools with standard chlorine systems to brand new saltwater systems. There’s no need to stick with the ‘old school’ type of chlorine system if you really want to upgrade.

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