To avoid digging up their backyard or financing a major plumbing project, many families choose to purchase an above-ground pool due to their relative ease of construction. A standard construction method is to line a reinforced excavation with a heavy-duty vinyl liner.

Any small leaks should be quickly fixed by a pool maintenance service that has experience with vinyl pool repair. Small pinholes usually grow into bigger holes and should be addressed immediately. Vinyl patches are often used to mend a damaged liner, as are techniques to warm, stretch and re-attach a liner that has come loose from the coping around the top edge of the pool.


A damaged fiberglass pool is also possible to renovate. Using fiberglass fabric brushed with sticky resin, we applied layer upon layer, many small cracks and holes can be fixed in a fiberglass pool shell.

For more serious fiberglass damage, a craftsman might also use special cutting tools, cement, putty, and fiberglass paint. After the applied resin compounds harden, the craftsman will finish by grinding or sanding the affected areas for a smooth finish.


Chips or stones create a variety of safety hazards in a concrete pool as well as causing damage to the pool’s surface. Loose tiles or uneven surfaces are not only unsightly but could be unsafe as well.

Concrete pool repair techniques can restore the luster and integrity to many damaged surfaces. Cracks that are promptly fixed also help prevent more costly problems in the future. Special adhesives and fillers are generally used to repair concrete pools.


Evaporation typically creates a modest amount of water loss, even in something as significant as a swimming pool. During extreme weather conditions, pool owners may notice reduced water levels and incorrectly conclude that there is a leak in the plumbing when all they need to do is to top off the water level in the pool.

Occasionally, though, they may be correct, spotting a leak or mechanical malfunction.
Hiring a licensed plumbing professional can help prevent a pool owner from paying for unnecessary expenses such as digging up underground pipes on a hunch. A plumber should be able to use specific modern listening devices to accurately determine whether a pool leak exists.


Maintaining a sparkling clean swimming pool is much more comfortable with a high-quality filtration system. Pool owners who use a good filter system can safely remove debris, bacteria and other unwanted additions to the water.

Using different chemicals within a filter system to treat any bacteria present generally reduces the time that a pool owner needs to allocate toward cleaning their swimming pool.


Waterfalls and fountains may be used to accentuate the ambiance of an in-ground pool. A variety of lights may be used to highlight the appearance of a waterfall or a fountain. With a few carefully chosen water features, a residential pool owner is now able to create a home spa and water entertainment facility to rival any public water park.

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