If you love the luxurious pool found at fine resorts, then you’ll be excited to learn that you can have those same magnificent features in your own pool at home. Waterfalls and fountains aren’t just for expensive hotels. They can also be added to your backyard pool to keep the water aerated, add visual appeal and make the pool more interesting. Here are a few benefits of adding these incredible features to your own private oasis.


Turn your pool into a stunning garden retreat with the addition of a fountain. Commonly seen in lakes to keep the water aerated, they’re also useful in backyard pools to keep the water moving and add visual appeal. As the fountain sprays water into the air in a graceful arc, it makes the pool more attractive.

The fountains are available in several different options. Choose one with multiple tiers for added beauty and grace. Pick one with a narrow spray that can be left on when you enter the pool. The kids will play in the water the same way they play with a sprinkler. If you have a larger pool and want to keep the water moving for better filtration, then choose one with a larger spray that will extend across more of the pool. The fountain can always be shut off when you go for a swim, so that you can still relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.


One of the most popular features in custom pools is a connected hot tub with a waterfall connecting the two areas. Let the heated water from the hot tub trickle into the pool to raise the temperature in the swimming water. A pump can carry the water back up to the hot tub to be heated once again.

You don’t have to build a pool with multiple levels to enjoy the benefits of a waterfall. If you have property in the suburbs, then you may want to hide the view of your neighbors or the street. A waterfall can be built to serve as a privacy fence. In addition to providing you with a beautiful view, the sound of running water will also serve to block out traffic noise and people walking by. Waterfalls are also useful for working with the landscape. If you’ve had a hillside terraced to make room for the pool, then a waterfall is perfect for dressing up the hillside and improving the view.

The sound of the waterfall will soothe you when you’re ready to relax after a long day, and the kids will love playing in the gentle falling water. If you have children who will use the pool, then you can also incorporate slides and other interactive features into the waterfall.

Whether you have a fountain or waterfall, incorporate lights for a more attractive look. Illuminating this area at night will make it more interesting and impress your guests when you entertain. They also illuminate the swimming area, so your family can enjoy greater safety if they go for an evening swim. The lights are available in bright primary colors, attractive pastels and even color-changing options for greater interest.

Another benefit of water-moving features is that they can become the support system for extra seating. While you may not want to sit directly beneath a waterfall, you can still enjoy a seat in the water near it. Imagine how much fun the kids would have sitting or standing on a raised area inside the spray from a fountain.

These decorative features are also very versatile because you can change the water flow. Choose a rushing movement if you’re trying to keep the water aerated, or drop it to a more gentle flow when you’re enjoying the pool and just want the relaxing sounds.

When you’re adding a pool to your home, work with an experienced contractor. [business name] has [x] years of experience and specializes in custom options like interactive features, waterfalls and fountains. Treat yourself to an private oasis with an elegant waterfall or fountain, and call our team to provide you with the custom pool and features you deserve.

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