A zero edge pool is identified by the lack of an outside edge on at least one side of the pool, resulting in what appears to be an infinite area of water that isn’t being held in by anything. Zero edge pools are a popular choice because of their appealing design and unmatched beauty. We Fix Ugly Pools can incorporate a zero edge pool design in your Phoenix, AZ custom pool design or remodel.

How a Zero Edge Pool is Built

Most zero edge pools are built with a patio or deck on one side and a hidden frame that surrounds the remainder of the pool. The result of an invisible edge pool can be quite astounding when the water blends into another feature in the landscape, such as the sky. To achieve the endless look that zero edge pools are known for, most people opt to have their pools built off the ground. You will need to have an experienced installer in Phoenix, AZ to help you achieve this modern look for your new pool.

Most zero edge pools are built on a hill, overlooking a cliff or in another place that is higher than ground level. The building process can be quite complex and labor intensive. Most homeowners opt for a simpler design that includes the use of a steel support system and a catch basin that catches and redistributes the water that flows over the hidden edge of the pool. Some pool designs rely on a glass retaining wall rather than an overflow basin.

Selecting A Location

Since most zero edge pools are above ground level to produce the illusion of a falling sheet of water, the location that you choose for installing your pool is particularly important. You won’t want to be able to see into your neighbor’s backyard. Working with a local Arizona pool installation professional is advisable when choosing the best location, and most scenic view, for your zero edge pool.